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NewsBTC: What’s Next For Cardano Price As It Auctions At $0.31?

The Cardano price continues to suffer a downtrend throughout the month of November. Over the last 24 hours, ADA registered a 0.6% depreciation. ADA’s next upcoming trading sessions remain crucial as the market is expected to move out of lateral trading. Depending on how quickly it breaks through its current resistance. The bears continue to pull down the price level. Bears will continue to succeed if ADA doesn’t claim the $0.36 price. A buying resurgence could help ADA move upwards, marking the start of bullish price action. Continued demand for the coin can also potentially form a rally. The overhead...

NewsBTC: Uniswap Price Struggles At $5.49, Will There Be A Run Up To $6?

After sustaining bullish price action for the past two days, the Uniswap price has registered a shift in its price movement. With a 0.9% loss in the last 24 hours, price sentiment has shifted toward the bears. At press time, Uniswap has struggled to move past its rigid resistance mark of $4.50. There is a chance that investors could book profits if UNI moves past the aforementioned price level. The coin has, however, struggled at its immediate resistance of $5.49. Uniswap has to flip the critical resistance into the support zone to move up to its next price ceiling of... Vitalik on Suspect Centralization, FTX’s ‘Absolute Fraud,’ Coinbase Confirms Bitcoin Holdings — Week in Review

As the smoke starts to clear around the massive crater left by the FTX disaster, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has shared his thoughts on the ether community’s view of centralization. In related news, CME Group CEO Terry Duffy recalls in March when he called former FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried an “absolute fraud.” Implosions notwithstanding, Coinbase Putin Calls for International Settlements Based on Blockchain and Digital Currencies

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes a new system for international money transfers is needed to reduce dependence on big banks and third parties. He is convinced that cross-border payments relying on digital currency and distributed ledger technology will be “much more convenient.” Russia’s Head of State Urges for Blockchain-Powered International Payments President of Russia Vladimir

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