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Bitpay: Pay Any Bill with Crypto, No Bank Required

You can now pay all kinds of bills with crypto, whether you’re looking to pay your phone bill with crypto, your cable bill or even make your next car payment. Visit BitPay to learn the best ways to pay bills with crypto.

Bitpay: Guide to Stablecoins

What are stablecoins? How do they work? What do you use them for? Visit BitPay online to read our guide to stablecoins and how you can start using them.

Bitpay: Pay with Crypto from Edge Wallet with BitPay

BitPay gives Edge Wallet users the flexibility to pay with crypto straight from their wallet, along with 100+ other crypto wallets. Edge Wallet has implemented the BitPay Protocol, ensuring a more accurate and reliable way to spend cryptocurrency online and in-store.

Bitpay: Your June Newsletter for All Things BitPay and Crypto

We’ve got another exciting month of crypto news, including our integration with the Edge wallet and the announcement of four new BitPay merchants! Plus, see some of the most significant happenings in crypto and at BitPay, including our merchant, product, and charitable spotlights.In This Issue:BitPay in