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BitPanda: What is the S&P 500?

The S&P 500 is one of the best-known and most important stock indices in the world. The index tracks 500 publicly-listed US companies and is used as a benchmark for the overall market as well as an economic indicator. Read this article to learn all about the Standard & Poor’s 500.

BitPanda: Weekly Bitpanda Pro Market Recap #31

It’s been a green week across crypto space as positivity and big gains returned to the market. The strong rally of Bitcoin in the past few days boosted sentiment and pushed the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap to €50,000, the highest level since mid-April.

BitPanda: What are key interest rates?

The economic situation and the climate for investors are significantly influenced by key interest rates from the central banks. What are key rates and why are they relevant when you invest money? Here is a brief overview of everything you need to know.

BitPanda: Weekly Bitpanda Pro Market Recap #30

After a relatively bearish September, October started with a big bang as all major cryptos posted massive gains. Bitcoin was leading the market and its market cap skyrocketed above €850B on the 6th of October, pulling the total crypto market cap up to €2T.

BitPanda: What are inflation, stagflation and deflation?

You read about inflation and its effects on economic development and consumers like you every day. But, simply put, what is inflation, and what do the terms stagflation and deflation mean? Find out about these three economic phenomena in this article.

BitPanda: Cześć from our Kraków Tech Hub 🚀

Working at Bitpanda is more than just a job: meet our Team in Poland, logging in straight from our Krakow Tech Hub. We wanted to highlight the amazing teams that have been built this year and some key projects that are taking place in our Krakow Technology hub.

BitPanda: Weekly Bitpanda Pro Market Recap #29

This week turned into a complete rollercoaster for the cryptocurrency market following even more FUD coming from China. Bitcoin and major altcoins recovered a large part of the losses resulting from China’s regulatory crackdown on the 24th of September before dipping again on Monday.

BitPanda: Crypto markets in 2021: is it too late to invest?

Everybody wants a share of the crypto market but you may think that it’s already too late to invest. Read more about Bitcoin and its evolution, decentralised finance, smart contracts and how to avoid volatility so that you can make up your mind about investing.