Category: Despite Recent Threats From Canadian Officials, ‘Real Crypto’ or Decentralized Assets Cannot Be Frozen

Over the last week, there’s been a lot of discussion about Canada ‘freezing’ digital currency accounts that are associated with the Canadian trucker’s Freedom Convoy. Amid the topical conversation, it should be stressed that decentralized cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, cannot be frozen directly within the network. However, the Canadian government can flag specific digital Fed Bans Senior Officials From Cryptocurrency Investing

The Federal Reserve has banned its senior officials from investing in cryptocurrency. “Officials covered by the new rules will have 12 months from the effective date of the rules to dispose of all impermissible holdings,” said the Federal Open Market Committee. Senior Federal Reserve Officials Prohibited From Investing in Cryptocurrency The Federal Open Market Committee Alium Finance Introducing Hybrid DEX Liquidity to Address Liquidity Limitations, Trade Your Favorite Crypto With Unlimited Liquidity

PRESS RELEASE. Using the latest Developments on the Decentralized Finance Market Alium introduces the Hybrid Liquidity Model, allowing users to trade almost any crypto using the Liquidity available both on Alium and the rest of the DeFi market. Hybrid liquidity allows traders to use both Liquidities available on Alium and on most of the major