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CoinDesk: Is Crypto Becoming More Diverse?

Part of the promise of cryptocurrencies is the opening of opportunities and financial services to disadvantaged populations – but the digital assets industry has been far from diverse. Pandemic Drove Adoption but Information Dissemination Just as Important: Kenya-Based Blockchain Advocate

The adoption of blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies by people in Africa surged to unprecedented levels in 2020. While many have attributed this to Covid-19, blockchain advocates believe their work is partly the reason many are turning to digital currencies. Importance of Education Starting in the first quarter of 2020, the adoption of Alternative Investments Like Crypto Form Half of Russian Non-Qualified Investors’ Portfolios

Investments in alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies account for over half of the portfolio of non-qualified Russian investors, a recently held survey has indicated. Almost half of them consider digital currencies like bitcoin as a potential hedge. Cryptocurrencies Outperform Traditional Currencies and Stocks in Russia Alternative investments like crypto, real estate, and antiques constitute more